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A Little History

H & H Specialties was founded in 1967 by John H. Higgins in La Mirada, California.  The company initially sewed stage curtains and coordinated installation services for institutional and theatrical products.  John’s sister Louise was the seamstress who fabricated the curtains in the beginning. 

In 1968, the move was made to South El Monte, California, and the focus of the company began to shift from curtain fabrication and installation coordination to manufacturing and distribution of hardware products.  The first products introduced were hospital cubicle tracks and stage curtain tracks. 

The counterweight rigging product line was introduced in 1971.  About this time, a nationwide dealer network was established for product distribution and the curtain fabrication and installation coordination services were discontinued.  H & H Specialties is very proud of our dealer network.  In fact, our first dealer is still a valued customer today after over 45 years!

In 2014, we relocated to a larger facility in City of Industry, California.  The facility allows us to continue to grow, offer additional theatrical rigging products, and service our customer’s requirements quickly and efficiently.  Our stage rigging and curtain track products are used in many of the most famous venues in North America, from Hollywood to Broadway. 

What's In A Name?

Many of our customers have asked “who were the two H’s in H & H Specialties.”  The answer is simply, in the beginning there was only one, John H. Higgins.  In the 1950's, John Higgins and his brother-in-law, Harry Hanks, owned a stage equipment company named Hanks & Higgins Specialties in South El Monte, California.  That company sewed stage curtains, manufactured stage rigging equipment, and offered installation services for the products that they made.  Other companies in the Los Angeles area referred to Hanks & Higgins Specialties by the abbreviation “H & H.” 

When Hanks & Higgins Specialties closed in 1959, John Higgins relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and worked as an outside salesman for Twin City Scenic.  In 1967, he moved back to Los Angeles and started a new company, named H & H Specialties borrowing on the abbreviation of his previous company.  Mary Louise Higgins joined H & H Specialties in 1972 with her marriage to John, running the financial side of the business.



Our Capabilities

We currently occupy over 58,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution space in City of Industry, California.  Our proximity to Los Angeles gives us access to every manufacturing process required for our product lines.  Currently, we operate our own metal turning, stamping, welding and painting shops; and UL Listed Industrial Control Panel manufacturing facility. 

H & H Specialties Inc. is tooled to perform most of our manufacturing processes in-house, allowing us strict delivery and quality control of the finished product. 


  Our Staff

Our staff includes employees with degrees in architecture, theatre, television production, graphic arts and business, many with over 30 years of experience within our industry.  Staff credentials also include certified welders and an ETCP Certified Rigger-Theatre.  In addition, we have long-standing relationships with various consulting engineers specializing in entertainment engineering. 

H & H Specialties or its key employees are currently members of the following trade and professional organizations:

            •The Constructions Specifications Institute




H & H Specialties endorses the Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP).  ETCP encompasses the creation of exams based upon identified bodies of knowledge, the conducting of those examinations, the awarding of certifications, and re-certifying individuals.  Personnel certification is the voluntary process by which a nongovernmental organization grants recognition to an individual who has demonstrated certain abilities, skills and knowledge. 

ETCP focuses on disciplines that directly affect the health and safety of crews, performers and audiences.  Two key areas have been identified for development- electrical skills and rigging skills.  There are currently four certifications, Entertainment Electrician, Portable Power Distribution Technician, Rigger-Arena and Rigger-Theatre.  For additional information, please visit ETCP




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